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World's Largest Advanced Biorefinery to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Hello, Teman Betah!

Do you know that Panama is building the world's largest advanced biorefinery to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)?

Yeah! It's The Golden City Biorefinery.

The Golden City Biorefinery, being developed by SGP BioEnergy, will produce 180,000 barrels per day of biofuel upon completion in four years. SAF is an alternative to traditional jet fuel, made from renewable sources like waste oils, crop residue, and algae. SAF is a promising solution for reducing aviation emissions and mitigating climate change, as it can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% .

Amazing, right!

If you had collected the used cooking oil, feel free to contacted us for collecting your UCO, via:


Instagram: @belijelantah

WhatsApp: 081285092806


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