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Export POME to Italy with INS Certification

Businesses based on waste are gaining increasing popularity in Indonesia. The demand for waste-based raw materials for the European biofuel industry is on the rise. One of the favored waste-based raw materials is POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent), also known as "miko." The general quality requirements for exported POME or Miko are as follows:

1. FFA (Free Fatty Acids) > 20%

2. Moisture & Impurities: Maximum 3%

3. Sulphur: 65 ppm

4. Total metal content: 250 ppm

In addition to the European market in general, there is one European country with very high demand for POME materials, which is Italy. To export to Italy, both the company and the POME material must have INS certification. INS is a certification standard created by Accredia, a government institution in Italy related to standards for renewable fuels. An example of an INS Certificate is as follows.

Only a few certification bodies are authorized to conduct INS audits, and the INS audit process is stricter than the ISCC audit. We have experience in conducting INS audit processes with these certification bodies.

The scope related to Italian INS certification covers from waste producers (point of origin), collecting points, traders, to refineries.

For those in need of consulting services to obtain INS certification for your company and POME/Miko materials, please contact us at +62822 1073 3836 or email us at


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